Our Aim;

Eritrea is one of the poorest countries in the world.
A long history of Colonialism, Drought and War destroyed the infrastructure of this beautiful land.
With your support we can continue to help them rebuild the Medical, Community, Social and Educational services that we take for granted and improve the lives and prospects of Eritreans, old and young

Expert Medical and Veterinary Support

 The Friends of Eritrea began as a loose group of concerned Academic and Technical Medics and Vets.

 Experience of Emergency and Development programs, in Eritrea and elsewhere, together with  working visits  and networks of expert contacts, have been invaluable in in identifying needs and supporting reconstruction of basic infrastructure.
 The pressures on Eritrea change with time, but they don't go away. The need for continuing practical advice and support is just as great, so that the next generation of young Eritreans will be able to remain in, and rebuild, their own communities, in Hope and Expectation.

 The Friends of Eritrea continue to lend our support wherever possible and work with our network of friends and colleagues, to that end.

Community Projects

Previous projects have concentrated on providing Teaching and Learning materials, especially of modern computers, textbooks, general reading material and e-training aids.These projects include;
Keren Public Library
9 modern computers, a printer/ scanner, software and consumables, together with thousands of  general and specialist books.
Adi Ugri School
In response to a request from the Parent and Teachers Association, (PTA) for help with its Rehabilitation Program, the Friends of Eritrea UK allocated £3000 to provide computers and teaching aids for the school. (see here)
Humanitarian Aid
£10,000 in two tranches towards emergency food and medical supplies and logistics

Decamere School and Orphanage

The Orphanage at Decamere provides total care, which includes shelter, food, clothing and a quality education. The facility offers both Residential and Meal/Schooling projects to several hundred children.Decamere suffered much destruction during the long fight for Independence. The Orphanage, dating to the 1950s has closed and reopened, several times and continues to exist  on the margins of viability.

Friends in the UK, particularly in the Manchester area, donated £500 to provide school uniforms and teaching support for the children.